Wild Animal

Learn And Play With Felt Giveaway

Independent Story Time Felts Consultant Tammy Lessick has a great giveaway for the Dirty Shirt readers today. To find out a little more about Story Time Felts please about their story:

Once Upon A Time . . .

There was a young woman who was carrying her seventh child and home schooled her other children, the oldest being 11. She went to a home school convention and saw the most incredible product; it was so amazing to her that she revisited the booth several times, dragging her friends and husband to see it. In the end she asked, “Can I take this back to Idaho and sell enough that I can purchase what I want?” And that is what she did.

What the woman didn’t realize, was that this would be the beginning of a huge blessing in her life. She took the product home and started showing her friends. Many of them saw what she saw and wanted to share it with her. At the urging of her good husband, the woman decided she would start a business selling the product and offering the opportunity to others who, like her, could always use the extra income.

As the business grew, they found they needed a larger space than their bedroom and garage! When they decided to move to Utah, their home sold immediately. Looking for a place to house their family and business in Utah was a miracle as well. They were able to find an empty warehouse located right behind a new subdivision where they could build their new home and still be very close to the office. It was perfect with the same set up that they had dreamed and planned for.

The move took place in 1992. Since then, Lori and Dale have worked together to bring the product to the world and the opportunity to women to supplement their income. Although the business was started with a love for the product, that love has expanded and grown for the women they serve. With each new person that joins Story Time Felts, they feel renewed and blessed.

Tammy has her site Learning Felt where she actively sells these learning play sets. These felt play sets are great for children of all ages to play with and are especially great for children on the Autism Spectrum. I will be getting a few of these sets for my nephew who is autistic as I see it as a great way to work on communication with him. It will definitely enhance his learning and will let him play and be a kid all at the same time. I am so please that Tammy has offered one of my readers a play set from STF. Below is the set she is offering:

Wild Animals set

The Wild Animals Set - With 31 figures you get all kinds of animals for your animal lover, with a Green Toggle and bag for storage!

Please see below for rules to enter this giveaway and for more information on products that are beneficial to adults and children with Autism please go to Tammy Lessick’s website AutismLearningFelt.

The Milky Way

The Milky Way system is a spiral galaxy consisting of over
400 billion stars , plus gas and dust arranged into three general components as shown to the left:

The Milky Way (a translation of the Latin Via Lactea, in turn derived from the Greek Γαλαξίας (Galaxias) sometimes referred to simply as "the Galaxy"), is a barred spiral galaxy that is part of the Local Group of galaxies. Although the Milky Way is one of billions of galaxies in the observable universe,[4] the Galaxy has special significance to humanity as it is the home galaxy of the planet Earth. The plane of the Milky Way galaxy is visible from Earth as a band of light in the night sky, and it is the appearance of this band of light which has inspired the name for our galaxy.

  • The halo - a roughly spherical distribution which contains the oldest stars in the Galaxy,
  • The nuclear bulge and Galactic Center.
  • The disk, which contains the majority of the stars, including the sun, and virtually all of the gas and dust

The Halo

The Halo consists of the oldest stars known, including about 146 Globular Clusters, believed to have been formed during the early formation of the Galaxy with ages of 10-15 billion years from their H-R Diagrams. The halo is also filled with a very diffuse, hot, highly-ionized gas. The very hot gas in the halo produces a gamma-ray halo.

Neither the full extent nor the mass of the halo is well known. Investigations of the gaseous halos of other spiral galaxies show that the gas in the halo extends much further than previously thought, out to hundreds of thousands of light years. Studies of the rotation of the Milky Way show that the halo dominates the mass of the galaxy, but the material is not visible, now called dark matter.